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Persevere Thistle Blue tartan

The tartan

A fashion tartan, designed in Scotland by KiltSociety.

The kilt

"Designed in and inspired by Scotland, our Essentials Kilts are wallet friendly and available for next day delivery."
That's what KiltSociety said about their range of Essentials Kilts, selling at £60. Five special Persevere tartans were to have. Shown here is their Essential in Persevere Thistle Blue tartan.

In 2022 KiltSociety closed down. Neither the kilt nor the tartan is to have anymore. After having worn it a 10-11 times I sold it back in 2020. Eight yards are for casual wear too much, at least to my opinion. Why then show it anymore? Well, it's a kilt worn out and about, and there are other 'blue' tartans to look for, my favourite being the Holyrood tartan, which is also in this gallery.
Or there is the Ramsay tartan on the next page.

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