Gallere traditional tartan kilts
   Monochrome kilts. 1. Black, 2. Forest green, 3. Green canvas kilt, worn with tights and boots.

Solid kilts

traditional style

A kilt must not have tartans. In fact, solid coloured kilts are becoming more and more popular, it seems. Most often they are black, but also other colours are a possibility

On the following three pages you'll find solid kilts. One page per colour.

Below you can have a first-impression of them. And if you think one of them might be interesting for you, just click the picture and take a closer look at the slide show.

Black kilt
Black kilts

Forest green Kilt
Forest green kilt

Green canvas kilt
Green canvas kilt


Kilts and skirts


The gallery section - structure, objective, and technique.


Tartan kilts

Traditional style. 35 pages with kilts in 35 different tartans.

Solid kilts

Solid kilts

Traditional style. Kilts in black, forest green, and light green.


Utility Kilts

Eight pages showing eight different utility kilts.



Two pages with man skirts.

Kilts and skirts

The Braveheart Way

A mix of manly skirted garments.

Links pages


Links #1

Vendors of kilts and accessories. Tartan mills, and tartan finders. The most comprehensive links page for kilts on the internet.


Links #2

Vendors of utility kilts, sarongs, man skirts, unisex skirts, and other skirted garments.


Links #3

Kilt and skirt forums, non-commercial home pages, blogs, picture galleries, videos, articles in print media and on the internet, men in kilts and skirts on stage and on the cat walk.

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