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Vendors of non-traditional kilts, sarongs, man-skirts and other skirted garments.

Buying online. General information for EU-citizens EU>

When you, as an EU-citizen, are ordering goods from another EU-country no taxes are to pay. You pay the price of kilt or accessory including VAT and freight, and it is delivered to your door step without extra cost. Could not be more simple.

When your kilt or accessory is to be sent from a non-EU country, i.e. a third-country, your own country's VAT and a customs clearance fee always apply.
And if the price exceeds 150 Euros or the equivalent in other currencies, a 12% customs duty applies too, and VAT hereof.

Due to the free-trade-agreement between EU and UK, there is NO customs duty on goods sent from UK to a an EU country, whatever their price, provided they are manufactured 100% in UK from materials, made in UK! Otherwise customs duty applies on the part of the product which is not British, if the value is exceeding 150 Euros.
At all times VAT and customs clearance fee are to pay, like from other third-countries.
Vendors in UK should deduct British VAT when selling to EU-citizens. Check before paying. In countries with a VAT-rate below the British there is something to save, whereas in EU countries with a higher VAT, like Denmark and Sweden, kilts shall in future be more expensive.
Due to the customs clearance fee all kilts shipped from Scotland, cheap or expensive, shall automatically become approx. 18 GBP more expensive.

Vendors of cheap custom kilts might send directly to you from Pakistan, even if their homepages indicate addresses within EU. This could mean VAT and customs clearance fee to be paid prior to having kilts and accessories handed over to you. But they might still be competive.

0. On this page

1. Neo-traditional kilts
2. Utility kilts
3. Special kilts
4. Man skirts
5. Sarongs
6. Unisex skirts
7. Skirts
8. Shorts
9. Men's legwear

Forest green kilt

Forest green kilt. Tartanista.

1. Neo-traditional kilts

Solid coloured, patterns instead of tartans, other fabrics, or by design deviating from the traditional kilt.

United Kingdom

Scotland UK

21stCentury Kilts
Expensive top quality kilts where innovation is based upon tradition. According to Howie R. Nicholsby, founder and owner of 21st Century Kilts, the kilt should be an alternative to trousers and for every man to use, casual or formal:

“My aim is to give men throughout the world a realistic alternative to trousers. Pioneering the next step of its evolution, 21st Century Kilts is true to the original kilt which was everyday clothing. Casual or formal a kilt should be an option for any man from anywhere who can realize they are part of the history of an international garment."

Paul Henry Kilts
Paul Henry can not only make you a traditional tartan kilt sewn by hand but also kilts in tweed, linen, denim and cotton.

Clan by Scotweb
By Clan by Xcotweb you can buy some nice made-to-measure Camouflage Casual Kilts in four different patterns. The price is only £125 delivered at your door step (comes with free worldwide shipping). Or a Denim Casual Kilt or a tweed kilt.

Solid coloured, otherwise traditional kilts

Black kilts, or kilts with a tartan hardly to recognize, seem to get more and more popular these days. You can have them ready-made or custom-made by most kilt vendors.

Mercy black kilt

A black traditional style kilt.

Grey heritage tartan

A black, 5 yard cheap ready-made kilt, worn with a shoulder bag instead of a sporran.

Traditional kilt, Grey Heritage tartan

Traditional kilts might come in a tartan, being hardly to recognize. This one is a 5-yard custom kilt in pure new wool. "Grey Heritage" tartan.

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Utilikilt. The iconic utility kilt.

2. Utility kilts

United Kingdom

Scotland UK

Euro Kilt Custom kilts

Kilt Experts You decide waist and length.

S-Kilt London


UK Kilts Custom kilts


Germany ( EU )

Schottenrock (Kilt & More) Custom kilts


France ( EU> )

Kilt Homme (Kilt & More) Custom kilts

Scottish Kilts Custom kilts


Sweden EU

Mad of Sweden High prices . The design looks good.


Finland EU

Varusteleka Jämä camo kilts.



551Tactical Duty Kilt


Angry Bastard Kilts

Amerikilt Olive

Amerikilt, one of the first utilty kilt brands, is now history. In 2020, after 18 years on the market, the company closed down. AmeriKilt Olive.

Cheap Kilt Custom kilts

Custom Kilt Custom kilts

Damn Near Kilt' Em

Fashion Kilt Custom kilts

Kiltailor Custom kilts

Kilt&Jacks Custom kilts

Kilt & More Custom kilts

Kilt Experts Custom kilts. Waist and length.



Kilts Shop Custom kilts


Liberty Kilts Custom kilts

Original Kilt (Buzz Kidder)

Royal Kilt Custom kilts

Scottish Kilts Custom kilts

Stump Town Kilts

The Celtic Croft (Utility Kilts)


Utiliklit Mocker Olive

Utilikilt Mocker. Nice slide pockets instead of cargo. Therefore one of my favorite utility kilts


Verillas Kilts



Freedom kilts

North Bound Leather
Leather kilts

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Utilikilt olive.

3. Special kilts

Adventure kilts and skirts



Macabi Skirt
A unisex skirt. The original Macabi skirt can be worn as kind of pants. A knee length version is also available.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts
Positioned at women but men can wear these skirts, too, or have them made to measure. Then they are called kilts.

Running kilts



J Walking Designs
"Note: while our women's kilts do have sewn-in shorts, our men's kilt does not have shorts underneath (the eternal question answered)!"


Working kilts


Sweden EU

Blåkläder - hard duty kilts, to order in several countries.

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Roman Empire

When Emperor Augustus well 2000 years ago sent out a decree that "sll the world should be taxed", men were in skirts.

4. Man skirts

In the past men have been wearing "skirts" as normal attire and without being regarded tranvestites or cross-dressers. Kilt wearers should benefit, would just more men be men enough to wear skirts again - in a strictly manly way.
And in 2021 skirts, designed for men are to buy.


France EU

Hiatus Kilts and skirts for men
Judged from the photos on their web site, Hiatus is moving from man skirts to unisex skirts.

Hiatus kilt

Hiatus kilt. The picture is poverty of Hiatus and shown here with their permission.

Sous les jupes des hommes

Non-traditional Kilts and skirts for men.


Germany EU

Mode-Trend-S Sabine Seidel

In several countries

EMP International Under category Kilts

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5. Sarongs



Longyi Brothers

Lovi Sarongs

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SkirtCraft skirt

SkirtCraft Unisex Skirt. The picture is poverty of and is shown here with permission.

6. Unisex Skirts



SkirtCraft unisex skirt

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Denim skirt

A denim skirt might be OK.

7. Skirts

Regular skirts, meaning designed for women, you'll, at least in theory, be able to find just around the corner.
Looking at the links below you shall probably realize, however, that only very, very few skirts are suitable for a man to wear, does he emphasize a masculine appearance. "Boyfriend" style might be a possibility, whereas the longer skirts, fashion 2019-20, simply are too feminine to wear for a man emphasizing a manly appearance.
And then there is the size.
Now you are warned.



Bonprix (D)

C&A (D)

Esprit (D)

Galeria Kaufhof (D)

Heine (D)

Hess Natur (D)

H&M (D)

H&M (UK)


Karstadt (D)


Otto (D)

Peek & Cloppenburg Unternehmungsgruppe Düsseldorf (D)

Selfridges & Co. (UK)

Topshop (UK)

Vila (D)


Zara (D)

Zara (UK)

Zara (USA)


A few skirts may be acceptable for a man to wear, despite being designed for women.

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Short shorts.

8. Shorts

Men wearing kilts and skirts for comfort often also like wearing shorts, which, fortunately, nowadays are a commonplace thing. Most often they are longer, however, than 25-30 years ago, when shorts were short.



Designer Bermuda shorts, some of them with a skirt's silhouette. More expensive than most kilts!



50-60 years ago, every German boy would wear "Lederhosen". leather shorts, as daily attire. Until they were replaced by blue jeans. Due to fashion, and the fact that they became too expensive. Like with kilts, until cheaper imported ones have become a possibility.
Nowadays Lederhosen are seen in connection with the yearly "Oktoberfest" in Munich - like kilts at Scottish events. And then some men will just wear them when they feel like it.
Like men will wear kilts without any other reason than they are comfortable, different, looking good, probably healthier, versatile, and a valuable addition to an otherwise rather boring manly wardrobe.



Dirk Seipenbusch Lederhosen

Häelson/Bruchsaal Vintage Lederhosen

Leather Dealer



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9. Men's legwear

Activ Skin
Tights, pantyhose, stockings, socks

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