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Holyrood tartan

The tartan

Holyrood is a commemorative tartan, designed by Alistair Buchan of Lochcarron of Scotland to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. Like a fashion/universal tartan it is for everybody to wear.

Holyrood is also the name of the royal castle in Edinburgh, the Scottish equivalent of Buckingham Palace.

The kilts

Holyrood is one of my absolute favourite tartans. No wonder, therefore, that I have more than one kilt in this tartan. In fact, I have three, two of them from TartanWear Direct and being identical except for the length. The third one a wool kilt from Heritage of Scotland.

TWD 21"

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A 3-yard PV/acrylic kilt. I really like this kilt. The quality is excellent, despite it costing no more than £39 when I bought it about 20 years ago. I have been wearing it a lot of times, and still do. It is a kilt that will wear forever, it seems.
There was a choice of three lengths, 21", 22", and 24". Depending on how high or low I wear it, this 21" kilt shall either be too short or barely acceptable according to norms. But for casual wear on hot days with no kilt police around it is great.

TWD 22"

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The same kilt as #1; only it is one inch longer, 22", and accordingly more correct. This and its shorter brother have been with me on several vacations.
This kilt too is great for casual wear. Thus, often worn emphasizing comfort, even if thereby some rules related to accessories might be violated.

Heritage of Scotland 22.5"

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A 5-yard "John Morrison" kilt in 10 oz. wool, made to my measures by Heritage of Scotland. 22.5" long.
Fine for smart-casual wear, visiting metropoles like Rome, New York City, Copenhagen, Nice etc. Or when just being out and about in your neighbourhood.