Kilt, Farquharson tartan

5-yard, 13 oz. wool kilt, sewn in Scotand.   
Farqarson tartan.   
Railway station, Goslar, Germany.   

Kilt 24/7/365

Let’s be realistic. Most likely, you cannot wear a kilt 24/7, even if you should want to. Probably your job should be an obstacle. Due to conventions or dress code. Accordingly, the kilt must, like shorts, primarily be something for your spare time. Here, however, you have free rein; provided, you have your spouse’s support.

If so, you have 52 weekends a year, making 104 possible days. Add to this holidays and other day’s off and you have a potential exceeding one third of a year. Just because you consider your kilt a casual-first thing and not an event-dependent phenomenon, like will most kilt wearing Scots.
If you, like me, live about 56 degrees north - same as Edinburgh - you’ll in spring and summer have these fantastic light summer nights making it possible to wear your kilt for hours in daylight before and after job. Out in the open or in town. And on business trips before breakfast and meetings. What is more fascinating than seeing a city waking up?

Want some more suggestions?

You can wear your kilt when taking your dog out, 2-3 times a day, every day year-round. I do. And believe me, your neighbours shall soon be accustomed to seeing you in a kilt and wonder-why anytime you are in trousers.

The DIY market and shopping mall and electronic store and garden center are obvious places to wear a kilt too. And for out and about in landscapes and cityscapes a kilt is the perfect choice.

Kilt Stewart Royal tartan, restaurant

Having a coffee, Ready-made 3-yard kilt, Stewart Royal tartan.

Kilt Caledonia tartan

In the street, 5-yard wool kilt, Caledonia tartan.

Thpmpson Camel.

Taking the dog out. A few hundred metres from home. Kilt, 3-yard Thompson Camel tartan.

Kilt, MacGregor tartan.

Concert hall. 5-yard wool kilt. Gunn Ancient tartan.

Also, when shopping grocery, having a haircut, going to a bookstore, and driving your car to inspection, wearing a kilt is great.

A utility kilt, or a worn-out traditional kilt, replacing jeans or shorts, is great to wear working in the back yard or when driving to the recycling center.

On vacation in a kilt

When on vacation, long or short, whether in your own country or abroad, bring one or two kilts with you; and wear them. At the breakfast restaurant, when going sightseeing, visiting museums or art galleries, having lunch and dinner, they are perfect.
Colquhoun in N.Y.
Kilted on Manhattan, New York City.
5-yard Kilt. Gunn Ancient Tartan, Hälsingborg, Sweden.
Kilt, Stewart Royal tartan, Copenhagen.
3-yard kilt, Stewart Royal tartan, Copenhagen.
Kilt, Campbell Ancient tartan, Tokyo.
5-yard kilt, Campbell Ancient tartan, Tokyo.
Kilt, Colquhoun.
5-yard Kilt. Colquhoun tartan. At the Danish North See coast. A German Bunker from World War II
Kilt, Holyrood.
5-yard Kilt. Holyrood tartan, Rome.
Kilt, Hamilton tartan, Viemna.
4-yard Kilt. Hamilton tartan, Museum Quarter, Vienna.
Kilt, MacGregor tartan, Amsterdam.
5-yard Kilt. MacGregor tartan, Amsterdam.

By the way, have you noticed that above mentioned situations really are, with a few exceptions, all about casual and smart casual wear, where an affordable kilt and a few accessories shall more than do? Where a 5-yard medium or light weight kilt shall feel much better than an 8-yard “tank”?

Also, when travelling by flight, lightweight kilts are, for obvious reasons, to prefer over heavy and bulky ones.

Closing remarks

What is said above, also includes wearing skirts, if just "manly enough".

A kilt does not exclude that you also wear other skirted garments; just like wearing a skirt does not mean that you cannot also wear a kilt. Only, a skirt is less comprehensible to your surroundings, at least till more men dare wear them. But should you, at all times or occasionally, prefer wearing a skirt, go wear it. And if your overall approach is manly (enough), you already are or might be about to become a great ambassador for men wanting variety, comfort, and anatomy-fitting clothes. The Braveheart way!

For the sake of good order, let me repeat:

Whatever you wear, stand up to it. It has been your decision, your choice. Never try to excuse that you are wearing it. Never look guilty or like had you a bad conscience. It is not a crime. Show to the world that you are man enough to pull that 'skirt', whether a traditional tartan kilt, a solid-coloured kilt, a utility kilt, a skirt designed for men, a unisex skirt or one, from the women's department, simply looking manly enough to also be worn by men. Wear it with confidence. Like a man. As a man.

Kilt Farquharson tartan
Traditional kilt, 5-yard, wool, Farquharson tartan.

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This page was revised 2024, June 10.

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Kilt accessories

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Utility kilt

Utility kilts

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kilt variants

Other kilt variants

Kilts can be solid coloured. Also, instead of wool or PV, the fabric can be tweed. Or how about a kilt in a nice camouflage pattern, or denim, or leather?


Could you as a man wear a skirt? Under circumstances you can. Dedicated man-skirts are on the market, or you can have a skirt designed and made for you.

Kilt 24/7/365

Let’s be realistic; most likely, you cannot wear a kilt or a skirt 24/7/365, even if you should want to. But many days a year you can. Learn more about it.


kilt variants


The gallery section - structure,objective, and techique
Tartan kilts

Tartan kilts

Traditional style. 35 pages with kilts in 35 different tartans.
Solid kilts

Solid kilts

Traditional style.Kilts in black, forest green, and light green. 3 pages.
Utility kilts

Utility kilts

Eight pages showing eight different utility kilts.


Two pages featuring man skirts.
A mix of kilts and skirts

The Braveheart Way

A mix of manly skirted garments.



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