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MacLeod of Harris tartan

The tartan

The green MacLeod, sometimes also called hunting. A clan/family tartan.

The kilt

The kilt is a 5-yard casual PV/acrylic ready-made kilt from Heritage of Scotland, bought back in 2007. Today, equivalent kilts are almost always 8-yard kilts. Despite I have worn it a lot, and for tasks where I should never ever have dared using any of my more expensive kilts, it still looks nice. This is a kilt that simply won’t fall apart. On the front there is some peeling from the sporran, but you shall be very close to tell. The MacLeod of Harris tartan is no longer available with low-price kilts, it seems.
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By the way, the most compliments from passers-by when in a kilt, I think I have got when wearing this inexpensive kilt!
When in a kilt and temperatures are low you are frequently asked if you aren't cold? These people seem to find tights, as worn by men under shorts for sport, a better solution than bare knees. Others will praise you for them. The six snow pictures were taken at minus 10C - minus 13C or 14F - 8.6F.