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Loch Ness tartan

The tartan

Fashion tartan. Not to find within The Register of Scottish tartans.

The kilt

Sport Kilt Original. 8 oz. 4-yard kilt. The fabric is a "poly blend" and might be kind of cotton or flannel. Ordered with inside pockets, fringes, sewn-down pleats, and belt loops in Sport Kilt standard length 22.5".

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A Sport Kilt might be the most comfortable kilt you can ever have; it is extremely lightweight and I really appreciate its inside, invisible pockets. They are many times worth the little extra they cost. But take the Sport Kilt for what it is, a nice casual and unpretentious garment, which is simply to replace shorts; not to be worn at parties or to restaurants. And on windy days it probably is not the best kilt, either. For summer holidays it is the perfect choice, however.

I will never wear a sporran with this kilt. It has its pockets and a sporran should only make access to the pockets difficult. When in the need for more storage I'll supply with a shoulder bag.