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Colquhoun tartan

The tartan

The history of the Colquhouns (west of Loch Lomond) goes back to 1241. After a bloody battle, when in 1603 the MacGregors (east of Loch Lomond) attacked the Colquhouns, enmity between the two clans existed until the 18th century. Colquhoun is a family/clan tartan, which in its present form, was woven by Wilson's of Bannockburn at the beginning of the 19th century and recorded in the firm's pattern books dated 1819.

The kilt

In the pictures you'll see two different James Morrison kilts, both 5 yard but one of them in 13 oz. wool and the other one in leightweight PV from Marton Mills. Both are great kilts, the PV kilt however being a little bit shining, which means a tendency to not always rendering the true colours in photos.
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