Kilt, Thompsn Grey tartan

USA Kilts Casual 4-yard 11 oz. PV from Marton Mills.   
American Heritage tartan.    

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American Heritage tartan

The tartan

The American Heritage tartan is a fashion tartan, designed and registered by the owner of USA Kilts, William C Roeger III.

The kilt

A USA Kilts Casual, a very well made 4-yard kilt. The fabric is a non-piling PV from a British mill. Instead of buckles and straps it has a Velcro closure. That means that it goes into the washing machine without problems (30 C / 86 F or lower). The casual kilt can, according to the USA Kilts website be worn either at "true waist" ie. at your navel like a traditional kilt, or at "jeans waist".

I have bought my USA Kilt second hand. The seller's wife would not let him wear it. She would not even allow the kilt to be inside their home! Thus, he had to get rid of it (or of her).
When ordering it, he has used the option of having belt loops for men's ordinary 1.5" wide belts, rather than for wider, regular kilt belts. It is fine with me. Whenever I prefer wearing a kilt belt, I simply don't use the belt loops (which in fact are not for the belt but for the sporran strap).
I also know that he had intended to wear it at jeans waist and therefore ordered it 20" short. On me, even at jeans waist, it is to the short side. Quite a few, no doubt, will say it is too short, and worn at true waist it certainly is, at least from a traditional point of view.

Nevertheless, I really like my USA Kilts Casual and do wear it a lot, low or high, with different types of belt, with and without a sporran, mostly without, with kilt hose up to the knees or scrunched down, or with just ordinary knee high socks, as well as with short socks and 'invisible' socks or no socks. On my feet sneakers, boots, or on rainy days, rain boots. At low temperatures, I have even worn it with leggings or tights around my knees. Well, men are already wearing them together with running shorts etc., so why not with a casual kilt?

Depending on temperature, t-shirts, and polo shirts, tucked in or untucked, as well as short wind breakers (type bomber jacket or anorak).

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The USA Kilts Casual, having no metal parts, won't set any alarms at airport's security. Therefore, I have several times been wearing it on board airplanes and when checking in at airports.
Certainly, a high quality, most versatile kilt and accordingly, highly to recommend.

To Europeans like me, the only drawback with this kilt is that it comes from the US, resulting in high freight cost, custom declarations fee and VAT on top. But even this should not prevent me from, one day, to order another USA Kilts Casual!