Utilikilt Original olive

Utility kilts

Utilikilt Original olive

The kilt

Olive seems to be a most popular colour, even if, in fact, you can combine it with hardly anything but black, dark grey, and white. The kilt on this page is the Utililt Original with cargo pockets. Today it is called the Spartan; and the design is different.

I have bought this kilt second-hand. Worn at the hips, it is short; worn at my natural waist, it is miniskirt short, ending 3-4 inches above top of knees. But afterall, in Ancient Rome men were wearing shorter 'skirts' than that.
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Short and with tights?

While a traditional kilt is to be worn around mid/top-of-knee, there are no defined rules for a utility kilt. Some will go for a traditional look, some prefer their kilt to cover their knees, and others might want to experiment with shorter lengths.

This Utilikilt Original Olive is 20 inches (51 cm) short, four inches (10 cm) less the length you'll have when you buy an off-the-peg kilt. Visualy, four inchches makes quite of a difference. Are you ok with a kilt that short?

And how about tights or leggings, instead of kilt socks, whether owing to temperature or worn as a fashion statement?
Some do like it, some do not.

For you, do what YOU think, is best, regarding length as well as what to wear with your kilt. Like the Utilikilt people used to say, We sell freedom.